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Innovations in HME Billing For Greater Returns

Today, when healthcare costs are rising and resources are scarce due to reimbursement decreases, maintaining a seamless, cost-effective revenue cycle management is becoming increasingly difficult for many healthcare practices.

In reality, many healthcare practices such as DME, orthotics, and HME companies have little choice but to cut their employment in order to make ends meet, which has resulted in even more issues such as increased billing and coding errors, overworked staff, and backlogged orders, among others. All of this may be prevented if you choose the correct operational extension for your HME billing management, such as Sunknowledge Services Inc.

Sunknowledge Can Enhance Your HME Billing Process In Many Ways:

Sunknowledge Services Inc, with its pool of expert billers and certified coders, ensures seamless HME billing services at a cost-effective rate. For a service charge of $7 per hour, Sunknowledge Services Inc, which has been in the healthcare industry for the past 16 years, takes care of your entire pre and post HME billing operation.

Our professionals, who take full responsibility and have a thorough awareness of industry mandates and current billing regulations, assure severe checks, prompt claims submission, and regular follow-up, among other things, resulting in a superior billing management process.

Improve your productivity metrics and work standards by removing any needless activity associated with the billing administration process. Our experts can also help you save up to 80% on your overall operating costs. We focus on improving office profitability and productivity while assuring compliance with tax laws, regulations, and other requirements. Our expert also ensures:

  • Complete HME billing services have a 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Lowering of the risk of denial and errors
  • Saving you time by concentrating on key operations for a more effective billing management solution
  • Ensuring a collection rate of 97%, this is the best in the industry
  • Customized reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Helping you with all of your HME medical billing issues, we are now the proud operating extension of three of the top 10 biggest HME/DME firms, with combined revenue of over 1.4 billion dollars. Sunknowledge Services Inc is the complete one-stop destination for all medical billing solutions, assisting you in completely modifying your HME billing process for improved medical billing management so that you may focus more on patient care.


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