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How to get Robux from Microsoft? 

Are you wondering are connecting Roblox with Microsoft? A new concept got launched by the operating system to promote As Roblox is one of the most famous domains in 2021. Microsoft has found a great way to attract players’ attention by giving away Robux.

Robux is the currency of Roblox, which is used to buy multiple in-game assets to customize your avatar, get extra power/features in your favorite game, and purchase pets and Accessories. Many people are flocking on the official Microsoft website to get rewarded at no cost. Read further for more information click on Microsoft Redeem Code.

What is the relation between Microsoft and Roblox?

Microsoft has brought in a new rewarding system for using the search engine They are sending gift cards worth 100 Roblox and more by earning at least 1500 points. All you need to do is perform some searches daily and get 5 points each. 

After collecting a sufficient amount, you need to redeem it from the website.

It is their way of promoting and increasing its traffic. Roblox has millions of fans who are restlessly looking for free Robux. They tend to perform any task to get promo codes and gift cards. 

Microsoft has used this strategy to gain attention from them. The only countries available to this system are the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and France.

What is the procedure for gaining a Robux gift card through Microsoft?

Are you looking for some freebies like a Roblox gift card? Here is a complete guide for a legit method through Microsoft.

  1. Use your PC with wifi network.
  2. Head to the browser and look for
  3. Give it some time to load the webpage.
  4. If you have used Microsoft Office or Xbox, you may already have an account. In this scenario, log in with your username and password.
  5. For new users, you will need to set up a new profile by going to the signup for the free option. 
  6. It will take you to the homepage of this website. Here you will see numerous tools on the menu bar. Click on the points breakdown option in the top right corner.
  7. A new page will open, here you will find all the details on how to get points. It will also track your activities.
  8. It also allows you to use different devices for earning points. Like, the mobile device, Microsoft Edge browser, and PC.
  9. But all of them must have a single account logged into it.
  10. If you earn points using any method, you will get the Microsoft reward option on the top menu. Here you can see your balance, more points you can make daily, and many more aspects.Read more for more details Roblox Redeem .

What are the necessary details of reward points needed?

To get the minimum amount of 100 Roblox gift cards, you need 1500 points.

  1. The other gift cards are the multiple of 100 like 200, 400, 800, etc. 
  2. There are several other options available that allow you to get different redeeming items.
  3. They have a five days quest that can get you 100 Robux.
  4. Set a goal for every day and complete regular tasks to gather points daily.
  5. To make the most of this opportunity, you shall start it right away.
  6. With PC search, you get ten points per day, with mobile search gets you 10 points and, the Microsoft edge bonus is the real deal because it allows 250 points.
  7. Do some searches and, Microsoft will see an instant increase in your account.
  8. Once you have gathered enough points for redemption.
  9. Go to the homepage; you will see many options in the tab. 
  10. Click on redeem.
  11. Its webpage will open, here you will see various passes, coupons, Walmart cards, etc.
  12. Use the search bar to look for Roblox gift cards.
  13. Click in the resulted option, you will go to the redeem page that has Roblox gift cards
  14. Here, you need to select a gift card concerning the Robux number. You will see several points required for it.
  15. If you already have enough of them. Click on the redeem reward button.

Use this gift card code on Roblox to transfer all the Robux into your account.

As we are aware and confident of Microsoft’s legitimacy, there is no point in doubting any function released by them. It is a benefitting website for Roblox as well as Bing. They both are receiving heavy traffic because people try to collect maximum points in less time. 


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