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Some Living Room Curtains on Rods Ideas for You

Curtains of the living room are important design elements and they deserve a lot more attention than you might think. The right draperies offer great practical space, warmth, privacy, light control and finish touches to a room. In addition, they also accentuate a room’s height, add texture, pattern, and color, making a space feel larger and cozier. There are varieties of curtains on rods designs for living rooms that really enhance the entire décor of a space.

Blending the Curtains with the Living Room

There is no denying the fact that drapes and curtains make a living room complete. A modern approach is to blend these curtains with the tone of the walls. Choosing a fabric of the same color scheme like that of the living room walls will create a cohesive look inside the space. For example, navy blue linen drapes in blue living rooms complement each other beautifully. You can also pick a fabric of darker shade than that of the wall paint to create a sumptuous and layered look.

Creating a Neat Look Using Pelmets

Pelmet is the decorative board used to cover fixtures or curtain rods. Pelmets are widely used with curtains on rods style to add both structure and frame to the window treatment. In a living room with a grey wall, you can use pink drapes and pelmets a couple of shades darker than grey. Don’t like the normal board of pelmets? You can bring modernity to the pelmets by using diverse simple shapes or interesting patterns on them. Colorful fabric with attractively designed pelmets can give a neutral room a stylish statement.

Adding Texture with Decorative Trims

Whether you are using fabric Roman shades or full-length curtains on rods, you can add a pattern or decorative trim to them. It will make a great difference by converting a simple window dressing into an attractive feature in a living room. Such small details and textures add an interesting touch to a room.

Layering Multiple Curtains

Want to have a super cozy ambiance in the living room? Double up living room window treatments. You can use fabric Roman shades with full-length curtains on rods on either side of the window frame. You can also crown the window treatment with attractive pelmets to have a clean and tidy finishing. Layered window treatments create quite a distinct looking room.


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