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Coyote Hunter-8 Mistakes Rookie Coyote Hunters Make

Hear the coyotes laughing at you and your yachts

No matter how many times you see these predators gathering videos, you never understand how they will manage to copy them. You seem to run coyotes at gunpoint whenever they’re a rabbit, but you’ve only managed to summon a few coyote hunter and a stray dog ​​in search of light food. You’ve been renting guns, lamps, and phone calls for a few months. You develop tinnitus by hearing the screams of a dying rabbit over and over again. But you don’t have a “line” to show your efforts.

Having trouble calling coyotes? You may be making some common mistakes. Image by Russell Graves

There is hope. Maybe you are doing some kind of bone movement that pushes the coyotes off the ground. All you have to do is find out what it is. To begin with, we’ve compiled a list of eight common mistakes made by modern coyote hunters and consulted with experts on how to fix them.

1. Yacht without coyotes

You will be surprised how often this happens.

Unlike deer hunters who spend months looking for a grandpa, coyote hunter usually say “you should be here” and settle in an area where coyotes may or may not be abundant.

Hunting coyotes in a nearly empty area is a huge waste of time and energy. Scouts will help you avoid this trap. Look for numbers, killers, and envelopes, and it’s not a bad idea to pay attention to coyotes’ calls to find out where they are calling home. While hunting, it is worth taking a few hours to increase the chances of success. Once you find the coyote hunter area, don’t follow them all by carelessly going with your calling order.

2. You are using the wrong call

Coyotes don’t burn out when they hear something that looks like a meal clock.

“It’s hard to find an anonymous adult dog among all coyote hunters,” says Fred Eichler, a predator hunter expert. “Many of them are trained and often turn and run when they hear the normal sounds that most coyote hunters use. Using calls that coyotes have not heard or used often, a beginner starts screaming.” I often use sounds of coyotes. birds such as turkeys in distress. . . or hazelnuts, or I use deer blood or puppies for cold blooded dogs.

Mark Zepp recommends calling new coyote hunters electronically.

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“The reliability of today’s electronic calls makes it easy for anyone to try them, regardless of whether a handshake gives a good voice or not,” he says.

Coyote hunting isn’t easy. Avoiding these mistakes will relieve the pain. Image by John Hafner

3. You don’t see them

Just because you haven’t killed a coyote doesn’t mean you haven’t called him. Sure, but your solution was wrong and the coyote hunter found out about you before you found out.

“A common mistake newbies make is to sit and call an invisible place,” says Zepp. “If you can’t see a predator, you can’t shoot it.” Sometimes your only option is to hunt in a thick blanket, but it’s best to move and call from where you can see at least 50-75 meters, perhaps much longer. “

He finds a movement exercise. The old coyote hunter often gets stuck in the bridge exploring the area before exiting.

4. You call too much or too much

This is a hotly debated area among serious coyote hunter. Shouting too much can draw attention to a strange coyote hunter, but it may not be too terrible to shout too little or too softly through the ceiling of a distant coyote.

Open areas typically require longer and longer call lines. But be careful. Long high lines can prevent choyotes from entering high pressure areas.

This is one of those mistakes that can only be corrected with experience. Notice what you mention in some areas and what the results are. Over time, you will see which models have worked. And those who didn’t.

5. You are ruining your design

Your location is critical to your success, and a good settlement begins when you get to where you want to hunt.

Zepp claims to have seen many raids on pre-launch cars destroyed by reckless approaches and truck impacts.

Coyotes are very alert creatures. If you don’t pay attention to their world, you will always have a hard time following them.

Ask yourself if this really is the best place before diving into a series of gardens that have grown because it’s easy. Is the wind right? You see me You see me If you hunt on public land, probably the “right” place is hit hard. You should choose places based on efficiency, not accessibility or convenience.

6. You don’t have enough space to hunt

If your total copy space is 40 acres, chances are you spend fast. The good news is that many homeowners who close the door as soon as you say the word “deer” will greet you when they hear the words “kill the coyotes”. You should carry the best shotgun chokes for the coyote hunting.

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Take the time to knock on certain doors and develop relationships with local landowners. You will have access to land and valuable information on the location of the coyote hunter. Remember these are great ways to break up your hunting fence, break up litter, throw out your trash, and respect landowners for losing your (and others’) hunting rights.

7. You give up too soon

According to Eichler, giving up a sentence too quickly is a common mistake.

“Whether I call it Florida or Canada, I sit there for at least 30 minutes,” he says. “The only exception is when it’s snowing, raining or very windy and I know the call won’t go that far. On a quiet day or with a wind of at least 10mph I have lots of coyote hunter on the In 20” race lots of newbies.

Give your call center enough time to work. A good rule of thumb is to wait 30 minutes before proceeding.

8. Hunt dogs under pressure

So let’s put it on top. Coyotes are intelligent coyotes that are difficult to track down. Why? Because the fools are dead.

If you are a beginner and have spent some time calling, you may have made one of the above mistakes with your trained coyotes. But don’t worry too much, even if you didn’t, someone else probably did.

Coyotes that live in very hot areas are more difficult to hunt. Right. But if you follow the advice you just received and do your best to hunt coyote hunter, you can turn the tide.

Coyotes are in no hurry to fall in love with the same song and dance that all other hunters throw into the forest. Be innovative. Try different conversations, stay subtle and smart.


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