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Are Electronic Cigarettes Risky for Health?

We have seen that the use of e-cigarettes has escalated exponentially during the last few years. Now, more and more young people prefer e-cigarettes, surpassing conventional cigarettes.

Every day news comes from the media discrediting the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. The reality is the opposite at all. Behind this news, there are many interests, especially economic ones.

After the news of deaths from mixing e-liquids with drugs like THC in the United States, people discontinued smoking and scare themselves. However, all these are fake news.

The global health authorities are calling for more research on vapers. However, many already exist are clear: e-cigarettes are not dangerous, and they are suitable for your health as long as they are used properly.

While an e-cigarette is free from toxic tar like a traditional cigarette, you will not be exposed to toxic chemicals.

What Does an E-Cigarette Contain?

At Vape Cave, the e-liquids for e-cigarettes does not contain harmful additives, as we believe that chemicals and other substances contribute to health risks.

The traditional cigarette with hazardous components is responsible for a large number of deaths in Colombia. Some of them include Nicotine, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, and others. Annually, approximately 17,000 deaths are attributed to smoking in Colombia.

However, four key components of the liquids for vapers include propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), water-soluble aromas and nicotine. You can reduce or supplant their level over time.  

The first two (PG / VG) are alcohols, and they are not lipids as happened with those used in the US in poisonings. These alcohols, when they enter the body, are degraded and are not deposited in the lungs. The food and the pharmaceutical industries commonly use these components. Propylene glycol is a blotter. Therefore, some people initially get coughing and a little irritable when inhaled, but nothing more than it.  

The aromas are considered safe, as stated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Therefore, it does not have any harm to health.

Nicotine is undoubtedly the most controversial component, and you can find it in traditional tobacco. One thing that must be made clear, since many people do not know or are wrong, is that nicotine is carcinogenic. Nicotine in cigarettes does not cause cancer, and it is tar that causes this life-threatening disease. Nicotine is an addictive drug that keeps you smoking. So, nicotine is not the one that kills you when you smoke, but the one that doesn’t let you escape from tobacco. It is up to you to not use nicotine in e-liquids, or you can reduce its level.

Bottom Line

The e-cigarette is designed and thought to stop smoking since there is nothing worse than tobacco. However, it is not totally inoffensive since when the liquid is heated, traces of nitrosamines, formaldehyde, and some hydrocarbons are released. Remember that e-cigarettes are different from conventional tobacco smoke. It does not produce tar and carbon monoxide, which are two of the most harmful elements in tobacco. Although the e-liquids contain some potentially damaging chemicals also found in cigarette smoke, their adverse effects are insignificant than tobacco smoke. 

Conclusive research-based evidence shows that the use of e-cigarettes helps vapers quit traditional smoking, and it also reduces users’ exposure to toxic substances.

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