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What You Should Know About Various Types of Warehouse Racks

Warehouse racks are significant equipment to store inventory items in the facility. It will not only maximize storing capacity but will reduce the chances of goods being damaged. Utilizing the storing space of your warehouse in an effective way, it is good to have certain warehouse racks. 

Having warehouse racks in the warehouse as per goods’ size and weight, it becomes easier to sort out the inventory. But which warehouse rack type will be the most suitable one? Well, to decide that, you have to go through the blog post. 

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  • Shelving Storage Racks

Shelving racks are also another great type of storage system. Available in various sizes,  you can have them as per your products’s specifications. Like pallet racking systems, you can find them of various types. 

  • Mobile Shelving

Acquiring mobile shelving racks would be advantageous if you have to move goods in the warehouse. Workable on tracks or wheels, this is great equipment to move the items in bulk. 

  • Steel Shelving

For transporting light and medium weight items, steel shelving should be preferred. As per the storing requirements, workers could easily store the objects in the warehouse. These shelving systems are usually ideal for handling materials adequately. 

  • Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is meant for accommodating heavy goods e.g., cartons and cases. These shelves are wide and your go-to design is teardrop design. This shelving system is modular and enhances storing capacity in the vertical direction. 

  • Wire Mesh Shelving

Wire mesh shelving is lightweight and easier to use in storing food and small items. This sort of shelving system will not accumulate dust or get rusty easily. 

  • Cantilever Racks

If you have items in the warehouse which are of very large size and with irregular shape, then cantilever racks should be your preferred option. Particularly meant for those items which don’t get adjusted in pallets or other storage tools like poles and logs etc. 

Pallet Storage Racks

Another renowned type of storage racks which are pallet storage racks are meant for both small and large-sized goods. In the forthcoming section, we will discuss the types of pallet storage racks. 

  • Push Back Racks

Push back racks have the capacity to store a large amount of inventory due to its high density. These racks could accommodate up to six pallets. Working on the principle of drive in and drive through racking system, more than one pallet carts are required. 

  • Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks can be stacked and are convenient to use. What you could do is add or remove sections so you could have more storing space keeping in view the inventory amount. Later, when you don’t need the space, you could remove the extra sections. 

If there is insufficient space in the warehouse, have these selective pallet racks to utilize warehouse space vertically. Since stacking up sections will occupy space in the latitude direction. 

  • Pallet Flow Racking

This racking system is like a push back system. It consists of inclined rails and when there is loading of a pallet on the back of the rack, it moves forward. That’s how it becomes easier to unload goods. It is also a high-density storing rack with modules. It could hold up 20 pallets. 

  • Drive-In / Drive-Thru Racking

Have a drive-in rack when you intend to store multiple pallets on the same SKU. items which are seasonal or slow moving require this system. With this racking system, you could maximize storing capacity up to 75%. 

On the other hand, Drive-thru racking system is used to store a number of pallets without getting them damaged.

In Summary

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