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Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

You may be suffering from the symptoms of menopause or andropause, but there’s a new trend that can help.

AB Hormone Therapy is a clinic that specializes in the treatment of hormone imbalance. With many years of experience; We have helped thousands of men and women with their symptoms.

We use Bioidentical Hormones which are naturally occurring hormones found in plants to help your body feel great again!

With all different kinds available depending upon your needs , this article hopes it will make understanding what product might work best easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help your declining levels of the sex hormones.

It is safe and effective for short-term use, so don’t go through this anguise just yet!

Bioidentical hormones are quite different than the synthetic sex hormones we produce ourselves. They’re made from plants; don’t have any chemicals or preservatives, making them healthier for your body!

Taking some simple tests saves time and money, but it’s ultimately up to the reader as they see fit on whether or not those treatments are right for them.

In our society today where everything seems too short lived we’ve lost touch with what really matters: happiness! It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing menopause symptoms because there‚Äôs nothing wrong except in how many people don’t think past their next paycheck; never mind living long enough until retirement has been reached.

People are searching for ways to get back their libido. There are many reasons why people would want this.

It really just comes down personal preference and what they feel works best in general terms of sex life satisfaction or other factors like moodiness etcetera.

The cool thing about these hormones though is that each person can have his/her specific dose tailored specifically by using them on patients with lowered levels rather than prescribing someone meds off-the shelf without knowing anything else about him until after it’s too late!

So there’s no need anymore if you’re experiencing low end testosterone due for instance; simply bring yourself into see us here at the doctor.

Most experts agree that bioidentical hormones for the short term are safe. These may even help protect against osteoporosis and heart attacks!

Unopposed estrogens in post menopausal women can induce breast cancer as well as uterine cancers, but all those who do intend to take this route should have a thorough discussion with their doctor first; there’s plenty of information on-line about these risks too.

In some places of the world, bioidentical hormones can be purchased without a prescription; however, this should not be done.

The quality and quantity is questionable so there’s no guarantee that what you’re getting will work for your needs or desires as an individual.

Bioidentical hormones face a unique problem in the United States.

Americans must get permission from their doctor before purchasing any hormone based products including birth control pills which contain synthetic versions of human Sex Hormone Binding Globulin – aka “free testosterone”.

When taken long term but there haven’t really been studies conducted here until recently; so we’ll see what happens though some doctors do know how beneficial these.


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