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How does a Hair Dryer work?

Have you at any point been accomplishing something you have done on many occasions and it startlingly hits you? How does this work?. A portion of the time we do stuff in our timetables on autopilot and never consider it. It happened to me as of late when I came out of the shower and was drying my hair. How can something as small as a hairdryer out of the blue produce amazing warm air from apparently nothing?. Gather the main way I would find is to dive.


The primary utilization of hot air to dry hair was planned by a French beautician named Alexander Goedfroy in 1890. Customers had to sit on a chair with a hat on their heads. The hat was attached to a line that came from a heating stove. Eventually during the 1920s the first actual handheld “blow dryer” was released to customers who could finally dry their hair in the solace of their own home.

Compared to the hairdryers we are all used to nowadays these things were awful. Weighing nearly 1kg, they were heavy and bulky. The maximum power they could yield was 100 watts. At the moment that you ponder a part of the current hairdryers we have assessed on this very site go up to more than 2000 watts, you can imagine how long it probably took to dry your hair.

More horrible still were the many deaths they caused each year by individuals dropping them in water achieving electric shock. Regulatory guidelines were brought into power during the 1970s to guarantee safer standards. Then, during the 1990s, the law made it mandatory that all hairdryers ought to accompany a ground fault circuit interrupter. This was a safety mechanism that eliminate the power as soon as it became wet to avoid electric shock. Since the 2000s the average death count by hairdryer-related issues is down to four.

The Technical Stuff

At the moment that you look at the market today, there are such innumerable various plans yet the fact of the matter is the focal point of how a hairdryer works have hardly changed. They rely upon 2 main parts:

A motor-driven fan

A heating part

Both these parts work together to transform electric energy into convective heat. We should break it down step by step for ease:

At the moment that you first attachment your hairdryer into a power attachment and switch it on, a current starts to flow through it.

This current then goes to a circuit that starts heating the heating part. This is the same as the heating parts you can visually see when you start a toaster.

The current also starts the mechanized fan.

The airflow generated by this fan then pushes the air through the heating part and when it rises out of the completion of the spout it is warm.

Pretty basic right?. The more expensive hairdryers simply have better heating parts like ceramic that generate warmer heat and also better-mechanized fans that can push more air through the heating part along these lines making it even more remarkable. At the moment that you are using the switches on your hairdryer, the low and high settings are essentially you changing the speed of the mechanized fan.

Various Parts

So if a hairdryer generally runs on 2 main parts, what are all various parts doing in there?. In all honesty, the vast majority of various parts are safety-related. The front barbecue on the completion of the barrel was put there so youngsters couldn’t put their fingers inside and get harmed from the heating part. They also incorporate a thermal wire that is a safety feature that will manage the hairdryer off in case it malfunctions. The barrel area is also fixed inside with insulation. If this was not here, you would roast your hand off the plastic after use. When the hairdryer is being utilized the mechanized fan is pulling in air. For safety, they have also included wire screens that forestall anything else from being sucked in. If you look at your hairdryer side vents you can see the advancement that is gathering on these wire screens. In case they were not there, this advancement would get inside the heating part and break it eventually. Make sure you clean them regularly.

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