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How to Sanitize a Cell Phone?

Your phone has a high probability of being the dirtiest object you come into contact with all day. And there is a good chance that you hold someone else’s phone to take a picture or guide them into a function of their phone without even recognizing the fact of it being dirty. Read these suggestions to know the details about cleaning your smart gadgets. With this blog, you would get to know how to clean even the SMD LED (SMD screen stands for surface-mount device light-emitting diode) of your phone.

Sanitizing Wipes

Use sanitizing wipes that have been pre-moistened because they are the most convenient and simplest. Keep a package of wipes with you either in your car or in your bag. Avoid scrubbing products instead use a disinfectant-treated cloth to get rid of flu and cold viruses, as well as food pathogens like salmonella. Keep in mind that not all marketed mobile phone cleaners contain disinfectants. For that, you need to read the ingredients list carefully and use the appropriate cleaner.

Alcohol plus Water

If you don’t have a sanitizing box for phone, use this DIY method. Mix alcohol and water 50/50 then spray it to an ultra-fine microfiber cloth. After spraying, apply it to your phone carefully.

White Vinegar plus Water

Another way is to mix white vinegar and water which is again a DIY method. It may smell tasty, but all you have to do is clean your mobile phone with it. Spray it on the ultra-fine microfiber cloth and you are all set to clean.

Disinfected Gel

Are you in a hurry? A tissue sounds good but does not forget to squeeze a dab of disinfecting gel onto it. Rub it well and you are almost done cleaning.

Examine the Audio Jack and Speakers

Dirt, dust, and lint from pockets and purses can cause serious damage to your mobile devices and their SMD screen; an SMD screen stands for surface-mount device light-emitting diode. Either of the speakers can be damaged or can damage the ability to use headphones. Moreover, they can decrease the overall performance if the dust gets compacted in the audio port. Before the dust gets its way, begin the cleaning through ports.

Clean your phone without damaging it: How?

You cannot clean it without removing the phone case so let’s start with the first step. (The details of cleaning the case will be discussed later on.)

Excess moisture is never good for any mobile phone so avoid it at all costs even when you are cleaning it. Alcohol-based cleaning products evaporate quickly but the moisture that gets into the buttons and input jacks can cause damage. After you are done wiping the phone, make use of a clean microfiber cloth so that it absorbs the moisture that is still on the surface. Another suitable option is to dry the phone by hand.

It is preferable to use a spray bottle to moisten the cloth instead of spraying directly on the gadget. For effective and complete results, do the wiping and drying process multiple times in a row.

Sanitizing the Phone Screen 

Cleaning glass is not a casual cleaning procedure because the wrong way can always put scratches and damage it more, for example, when you clean eyeglasses. To get rid of fingerprints, disinfect the screen using an improved knit.

As mentioned earlier, vinegar and alcohol-based cleaners are the most suitable products to clean the glass gently. It is directed to avoid ammonia-based, cornstarch-based, or baking-soda-based DIY window cleaners as they are more rasping. If a sanitizing box for phone is not available, you can use a pre-moistened disinfecting cloth. Don’t forget to use a microfiber towel if you want to remove streaks.


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