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Fashion Guide For 2021: What’s Hot and What’s Not

The fashion industry is quite unpredictable. Fashion trends ins and outs changes at a swift pace. Some dresses that were trending in 2020, are old fashion now. Women love to wear stitched dresses that are both trending and look elegant on them. Pakistani designers are renowned for reviving the traditional appearance.

In this article, we will look at some of Pakistan’s most popular trendy and vintage gowns. The majority of Pakistani traditional stylish clothing is salwar kameez, however, Pakistani top fashion designers are reviving the salwar kameez look as follows;

  • Frock
  • Sharara
  • Short shirt
  • Plazo Kurti
  • Patiala salwar

Upcoming Trending Colors

Prepare to cope up with the season’s loudest and boldest colors. Every lady and fashionista has been anticipating the arrival of bright hues for their upcoming events. Women choose bright colors for casual clothing in order to seem more beautiful and pleasant.

Floral Frocks

Flowing and voluminous dresses have long been a popular gown style for weddings and, obviously, for party attire. They are richly embellished with thick needlework and frequently complement the impression of elegance and morality. Famous people are also seen wearing bloomy gowns.

Medium Length Shirt

The standard size shirt fashion never goes out of style! The trend of the mid-length shirt in the summer collection in Pakistan is returning to the present age. This shirt goes well with straight pants or tights. They are attractive and complement your own style. Women choose standard-length shirts for casual, formal, and special events. This season’s shirts are medium length and straight. If you don’t like flowing frocks, you may wear straight shirts with straight pants or trousers.

Long Straight Shirts

Shirts that are too short are not suitable for all ladies. If you are one of such people, long shirts are still in style and appear well on people of all heights. It is possible to get shirts in the length and design that you want. This season’s fashion also includes long, flowing dresses and gowns.

Straight Shirt In Chikankari Fabric

To get things extra exquisite and everlasting, keep a sharp eye on leading clothing brands. These days, long straight-cut kurtas are available and are in with current fashion trends. Chikankari dress has been popular for a long already, and they look much better when it is paired with contrast dupattas. For formal occasions, you may also match it with straight pants.

Straight Trousers

Cigarette pants look elegant and astonishing. With its distinctive cut and designs, this style is regaining popularity in Pakistan. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to cover up straight pants for every event. Cigarette pants are making a massive return in 2021. Get rid of your old trousers and prepare to wear beautiful and fashionable cigarette trousers this fall.

Dupatta Styles

The dupattas have become an excellent complement to the luxurious gowns. This year, all we have for style purposes are heavy dupattas paired with basic, softer-looking gowns. Beads, frills, block patterns, embroidered, needlework, mirror work, and an array of dupattas complete your ensemble. Whether you’re wearing a simple gown or something more substantial, a striking dupatta will enhance your entire appearance.

Straight Silk shirt

Silk stitched dresses are now popular in Pakistani as contemporary tradition, and they are becoming more popular worldwide. Silk shirts are more popular among the younger population for everyday wear. The silk shirt is dainty, smooth, and stylish, yet it is not very pleasant. The wearer may still appear stunning if they make a few adjustments to their outfit.


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