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Do ‘Restorative Yoga’ for peace of mind and relief from stress

Anyone who wants to start meditation can start with restorative yoga. This is the best yoga of meditation. Inside it we bring the body to a comfortable position. In restorative yoga, we practice asanas keeping the body in a comfortable position. It works like yoga therapy. This yoga keeps our mind calm. In restorative yoga, we practice those asanas which give peace of mind. With the help of yoga equipment, bringing the body into a comfortable position, apply an asana for about 10-12 minutes. All attention is focused on calming our mind, on our breath and on our inner being. This is called restorative yoga. With Divyansh Sharma, a yoga teacher at Kaushal Yoga Studio, we know how to do restorative yoga and the other benefits of doing it for the body.

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Benefits of restorative yoga:-

1. Mantle Piece

This yoga creates mental peace. It is best to meditate. As it usually happens that when a seeker starts meditation, then many thoughts come into his mind. Many times the seeker is unable to sit in one posture for a long time. The mind remains distracted. falls into sleep or sleep. While doing restorative yoga, one gets rid of all these problems. Which also gives mental peace. This asana reduces stress and mental depression.

2. Connect with yourself

By doing this yoga, we learn to connect with ourselves. We accept ourselves as we are.

3. Benefit the lungs

The lungs are benefited by doing this asana. Because in this asana one has to practice the breath, so the lungs are strong. The more the heart works properly. There is a good effect on the body.

4. Improve digestion

This yoga removes digestive problems. As we know, stomach related problems start due to stress. In such a situation, restorative yoga removes stress and also improves digestion.

5. Cure insomnia

This yoga is also beneficial for those who have complaints of insomnia or late sleep. Doing this makes you sleep well. This yoga balances our nervous system, due to which our sleep is good. Stress is relieved and sleep is good. This yoga corrects our mood. Increases day to day performance.

6. Pain relief

Long-standing pain can be removed by doing this yoga. Such as knee pain, headache and back pain etc. When we relax our body while awake, then the body repairs properly. When we keep all our attention on the mind, then these problems in the body are removed. Everyone can do this asana.

Ways to do Restorative Yoga:

In restorative yoga, we practice the asanas that are seated, lying on the stomach and also lying on the back keeping the body comfortable. So here we are telling you the method of Matsyasana, two postures to be done lying down.

Method of Matsyasana:

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Place a pillow under the chest or under our back.
  • Place the pillow under your head. Keep it in such a way that there is no pain in the neck.
  • Keeping the hands away from the body, keep them almost at shoulder level.
  • Come into this posture. But it has to be taken care that there is no tension or tension anywhere in the body.
  • If you feel any strain or tension, then make your body more comfortable with the help of a pillow.
  • Now keep all the attention on your breath and try to calm the mind.
  • In this way, you rest in this posture for 10-12 minutes. But keep all the attention on your breath or meditate on some yogic signal.


  • Since we are doing any asana for a very long time, then there should not be any strain or tension in the body. If the body is not comfortable then pain or tension can come in the body. So keep it in a comfortable position.
  • Matyasana comes in Restorative Yoga. In such a situation, doing restorative yoga gives mental and physical peace. It can be done daily.
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