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Making the Right Choices for Rectangular Shower Enclosure with Tray & Shower Door

The rectangular shower enclosure with trays is a top choice for most bathrooms. These have one side longer and the other shorter is making them perfect for medium to large bathrooms. Besides that, these are great if you want to fit pivot shower doors with them. 

Shower enclosures are a modern feature of any bathroom. They give a sense of luxury to them. Presently, shower enclosures are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Their price tag varies with different styles too. With so many shower enclosures available, finding the right one for your bathroom is vital.

If you are a fan of contemporary designs, rectangular shower cubicles will be among your top considerations. They are common in modern bathrooms. But before installing these enclosures, you must go through a thorough study of the bathroom and its suitability to fit in a rectangular shower enclosure. In this article, we will guide you through things to consider before buying rectangular shower enclosures.

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What Are Rectangular Shower Enclosures with Tray

As stated before, shower enclosures come in various shapes; one is rectangular enclosures. They are wider than regular shower cubicles and are usually found in spacious bathrooms. Rectangular shower enclosures feature a broader frame that welcomes you in a spacious shower enclosure. It can instal these at any corner of the bathroom, depending upon the suitable area. You can fit them between two walls to have efficient space utilization. While you can not fit a pivot shower door with a smaller enclosure, installing them with this type of cubicle is possible. 

Benefits Of Rectangular Shower Enclosures with Tray 

The rectangular shower enclosure with tray offers various advantages over its counterparts. Whenever you plan to these shower enclosures with your favourite shower door, it features plenty of benefits. It listed some of them below:

  1. You get a nice and elegant look at the overall bathroom by installing a rectangular shower enclosure. It makes the bathroom complete and increases its value.
  2. It saved the bathroom from water spoiling outside the showering area and making the tiles slippery and untidy. It becomes essential if the bathroom has wooden flooring because the water could damage it ultimately.
  3. Rectangular shower enclosures are spacious than regular enclosures. The wide design ensures enough space for you to bathe comfortably. You don’t have to bump your elbows into the cabin glass because of less space.
  4. They are customizable in any design; you can have design engraving on the glass panels. The frame is also available in various color options.
  5. Your bathroom will have a modern look just by adding a rectangular shower enclosure into it. It will present a futuristic appeal to any guests using the toilet. Overall, it’s a modern addition to modern homes.
  6. While other enclosures are not compatible with the hinged shower door, the rectangular fits well with all shower doors without any problem. It is spacious, so in medium to large spaces, you would not have clearance space that is usually required by pivot doors. Therefore, you choose any of your favorite designs of the door as well. 

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Things To Consider Before Installing Rectangular Shower Enclosures

Rectangular shower enclosures with trays are made for medium and large bathrooms. Have a look at the following thing to consider before considering them:

  • First, you need to measure the bathroom dimensions. As rectangular enclosures are wider than ordinary ones, they require wide bathrooms to fit in perfectly.
  • Second, you should also consider whether it make the bathroom to accommodate an enclosure. Remember, a small bathroom like a cloakroom is not made for having a shower enclosure. Only choose spacious bathrooms for adding this luxury into.
  • Third, consider the thickness of the glass before buying the rectangular shower enclosure. The glass should be strong enough to bear everyday bumps and stand for a more extended period.
  • Every shower enclosure has three main parts. The first is enclosure glass panels, same size and design of shower tray and a shower door. When you make a choice, you must choose the right shower door as well. Therefore, when you plan for this cubicle, you will also need to decide about the door as well. Although you can install any type of door with this enclosure, the pivot will be suitable as it is simple, stylish, and provide a wide opening into a shower space. 

Final Thoughts

No doubt, rectangular shower enclosures are a great feature to add to your bathroom. But considering several factors like the above ones will ensure their perfect suitability for your bathroom. Always choose the design that matches the overall bathroom theme.

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Getting Best Quality Rectangular Shower Enclosure with Tray

In this article, we have a discussion about a rectangular shower enclosure with tray. These, along with any type of shower door, are a perfect choice for medium and large bathrooms. Not only do these look great, but they also offer a spacious shower experience. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at competitive prices. Related Article: Adore your bathroom with the classic range of worktop vanity units

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