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IVR Dubbing – IVR for Live Events

IVR Dubbing is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to create a live, effective IVR (Interactive Voice Response) commercial. IVR’s have the added advantage of having a human element to them, but there are many advantages to IVR’s over traditional radio commercials. IVR’s save money in two key areas: labor costs and advertising costs. They’re also much less intrusive than commercials, with no obnoxious background music or intrusive pictures. IVR’s can be used for any product or service.

Dubbing Is A Great Way to Provide Feedback to Your Sales Team

Especially during live events. During a live event, it’s hard to keep an eye on everyone – and sometimes it’s difficult to be able to give quick feedback on things that are happening around you. However, by having a live IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system in place, you can give quick feedback to your employees as they’re interacting with customers. The system will record a number of phrases (or “gaffes”) from your script and play them back at different points in the event the employee isn’t paying attention. For example, if you’ve given a presentation about green energy and someone in your sales team walks up and mentions that they just bought a new green energy appliance – you can quickly respond with “You just bought a green energy appliance huh? How’d you know?”

IVR Systems Have a Great Advantage in Advertising

IVR’s are way cheaper than hiring a television network or commercial company to air your commercials during certain times. IVR’s can be recorded to play at specific times – for example, during lunchtime, when employees are more likely to be home, during weekends, and even holidays. IVR’s are so flexible that they can be customized to meet the needs of any business. And since they’re recorded during live events, your advertising costs are lower than if you had to pay for commercials to air during ‘off peak’ times, when employees aren’t likely to be watching the advertisements.

There are some drawbacks to IVR’s as well. First, it can be expensive to hire IVR technicians to record your live events for you. If you’re not recording all of your live events – for example, if you only want to use IVR during certain times of the week – you’ll need to pay for the technicians to come to your location and manually record everything. This can take a lot of time. However, most IVR systems allow you to do just a simple search for a phrase, and then it can automatically record your advertisements based on the words you provide. This way, you save time by only hiring IVR technicians.

Who Already Know How to Record Live

IVR Dubbing can also have its disadvantages. IVR Dubbing only records the information it receives, so if the information is erroneous, it won’t be available. Also, IVR systems have a learning curve. It’s not uncommon for a new employee or team member to have problems understanding the software. It takes a while to properly learn the IVR system. Some businesses may be better off without live IVR.

IVR Dubbing is a great option for live events. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to IVR Dubbing. IVR Dubbing is great for conventions and presentations. For these types of events, it can be cost-effective and convenient to have a team of IVR technicians at each event, especially if several hundred employees attend the convention or presentation. However, if your business serves a large number of different clients or employees, IVR Dubbing might not be a good choice.

IVR Systems Have Many Different Uses

From customer service to insurance billing. If your business has a large amount of telecommuters, IVR systems can make communicating with employees much easier. Also, IVR systems make it easier to reach out to potential customers, since all of the information is right in front of them.

IVR systems are great for conventions and presentations because they allow you to reach hundreds of employees quickly. However, if your company has a smaller staff, IVR Dubbing might not be the best option. IVR systems are great for live events because they allow your employees to speak directly to your customers. This increases interaction, which creates customer loyalty.


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