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Are you getting frustrated over the issue that you are having with the performance of your Acer laptop? 

There’s no reason to be concerned since on this page, we’re going to show you what you can do to fix the issues with your acer laptop display. For this, you need to go through the blog thoroughly and be attentive when following the steps to ensure that you discover the best solution.

The steps to fix problems with laptops are listed below. It is important to follow the steps each step by step. If you encounter any problems while following these instructions, you’ll need to call Acer Repair Center Australia for assistance. We will give you the highest quality service. So, relax. Then, move towards the step

If you see stretched images when you use large-screen digisol hr1160m, to fix that reason, you’re required to download the most recent version of the driver. This issue usually occurs from a issue with the configuration. There is only one way to fix that: to download the graphic driver, and then fix the issue.

If the USB Fort isn’t responding, then you must solve the issue using driver installation. If you don’t succeed to fix it, you can seek help from us.

If you experience a computer motherboard malfunction, then to remedy this, it is recommended to charge your laptop and then reboot it. This will help solve the problem of motherboard computer malfunction.

The black screen typically occurs on laptops due to hardware. Therefore, for this you should press Fn and F6 to eliminate the black screen issue.

If you are experiencing HDD problems, you just have one option, which is an alternative. You must replace the Hard disk drive, and you will be able to eliminate this problem.

We hope that this blog will assist you problems with Acer laptop. If you’re seeking additional information, browse our site and take a look at our the how-to blogs, where you will find similar blogs.

In other cases, you can call Acer Laptop Repair Center. We have a great team, and they’re extremely skilled and experienced. They will fix your problems promptly. If you’re not at ease with us calling, and you prefer to chat live with us. If you’re not too late, give contact with us, and let us solve your issues.

What devices does this pertain to?

This guide can be utilized to work with every Acer Aspire E15. Be aware that this guide can be used on nearly every Laptop.

The Laptop that was used in this guide will be that of the Acer Aspire E 15 ES-576-392H, However, be aware that this guide is applicable to all Acer Aspire E15 or Laptop generally.


Make sure that your display matches and ensure it’s appropriate in compatibility with the device prior to purchase, or you might end up with a wrong screen.

Make sure that the connectors are compatible in resolution, resolution, the position of the connector, and other things like that. In the case of the Laptop used in this article, it came with 30 pin connectors, which means that a screen with 40 pins will not be functional. It is possible to count the pins on the connector, or check whether it’s printed in the general region that the connector is located.

It is also an excellent idea to remove the display and look at the way it appears, and then search for a replacement using your device’s model or serial numbers that are on the damaged display.

What do you require?

I remember my phone was an Acer Aspire E 15 ES-576-392H and so my requirements were:

1. Matched Replacement Display, as seen below (Also includes Laptop open tools).

2. The set includes a Laptop Opening Tool Set.

3. A few times and this guide.

How to Replace a Broken Acer Laptop Screen?

1. Power off the Laptop. You can turn off the laptop through Long press the power button, if it’s not turned off yet.

2. Use the flat metal prying tool to penetrate those grooves on the screen, and then gradually separate from one end to another.

3. Remove the strip that is on its front. Take off the four screws that secure the screen.

4. On the rear of the screen, take off the tape. Remove the main connector on the screen. It is crucial to note down the number of pins that are on the connector. If your screen is equipped with 30 pins, the replacement must be at least 30 pins, otherwise it won’t perform. Check out the important section in the previous paragraph.

5. Once you’ve found and purchased the replacement screen, you can use it to replace the damaged screen. Install the new screen inside and reconnect everything, and then secure the tape.

6. Screw everything back in place and secure the front again. Turn on the Laptop and ensure that all is in order.


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