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Step by step instructions to Fix a Laptop Screen

A wrecked or broke PC screen can make your PC unusable, which can be baffling in the event that you wanted your PC to compose a paper or complete an undertaking.

Fixing a PC screen should be possible with a couple of apparatuses and steps, getting a good deal on 15.6 LED Screen for Laptop to shop. Start by dismantling the PC and supplanting the screen effectively.

When the new screen is in, affirm the screen works appropriately so you can type and surf away on your fixed PC.

1. Removing the Old Laptop Screen 

  • Turn off the PC and eliminate the battery. 

                Ensure there is no force going into the PC, as you would prefer not to work with any live wires or power. Slide out the battery so the PC isn’t on or fueled. 

                 Keep the battery in a protected spot, as you should return it to later. 

  • Eliminate the elastic screw covers on the screen. 

                      Most PCs will have little screw covers made of elastic around the screen and Lenovo Ideapad S145 Back Cover to secure the screws. Utilize the tip of a screwdriver or a self locking pin to pry off the elastic covers so you can see the bezel screws. 

Spot the elastic covers in a little plastic sack or a little bowl so you don’t lose them. 

  • Utilize a screwdriver to eliminate the bezel screws. 

Look on the facade of the screen’s edge for the bezel screws. Some PC models will have the screws at the edge of the screen. 

Utilize the screwdriver to eliminate the screws each in turn. There are normally 4-6 bezel screws. 

Spot the screws in similar plastic pack or bowl with the elastic covers so every one of the parts are together in a protected spot. 

  • Withdraw the bezel from the screen. 

Spot your fingers at the base focus of the PC screen. Then, at that point, delicately slide your fingers between the bezel and the screen. 

Pull the bezel with your fingers. It should snap free. In the event that it doesn’t, take a stab at pulling it delicately in various ways until it comes free. 

Work your fingers around the bezel until it separates from the screen. 

In the event that the bezel doesn’t pop or slide off with a touch of pulling, you might have missed a bezel screw. 

Check the screen to affirm you eliminated all the bezel screws so the bezel can slide off. 

  • Disengage the links associated with the screen. 

Find the video link, which is a long lace link taped to the rear of the screen. Strip off the tape and turn off the connector from the rear of the screen. You will likewise have to eliminate the force link on the rear of the screen. 

Contingent upon your PC model, you may likewise need to eliminate screws at the edge of the screen that append it to the metal edge. Utilize a screwdriver to do this. Keep the screws in a protected spot. 

  • Eliminate the PC screen. 

Since the bezel and links have been taken out, the screen ought to be free in a metal edge. Slant the screen forward and cautiously eliminate it from the frame. 

Spot the screen on a level surface so you can analyze it later. 

Be cautious about any wrecked glass or plastic on the screen as you eliminate it. 

2. Putting On the New Screen 

Really take a look at the name on the screen for the maker’s mark and model number. 

There ought to be a mark as an afterthought or back of the screen that has a standardized tag just as the producer’s name and the model number of the PC. 

  • The model number is normally a progression of letters and numbers. 

Utilize the producer’s name and the model number to arrange a trade screen for the laptop.

For instance, in case your producer’s name is Dell and the model number is DE156FW1, you can look through this data to track down the right substitution screen. 

  • Purchase a substitution screen on the web or at a PC parts store. 

Search online retailers like eBay and Amazon for a substitution screen. Ensure the substitution screen is a similar maker and model number so it will fit in your PC correctly. 

You can likewise purchase a substitution screen at a PC parts store, yet it very well might be more costly than getting it on the web. 

  • Spot the screen in the metal casing on the PC. 

When you get the substitution screen, set it set up in the metal casing. Ensure it is confronting the correct way and slides effectively into the frame.

Have the bezel screws and elastic covers close by in a sack or bowl so you can put them on the new screen. 

  • Reconnect the links to the new screen. 

 Utilize your fingers to painstakingly join the video link and the force link onto the rear of the new screen. 

Make sure that the links are secure and fit appropriately onto the new screen.

In the event that you got the ideal maker and model number, the links should fit appropriately. 

3. Affirming the Laptop Screen is Fixed 

  • Set the battery back into the PC and plug it in. 

Before you screw in the screen, ensure it works. Associate the PC to a force source so you can test it. 

Make sure that the screen works appropriately.

  • Take a gander at the PC screen as you click on your work area and open a program. 

Make sure that there are no hazy lines, breaks, or misshaped pictures on the screen. The screen ought to be clear and capacity like new. 

  • Put in the bezel and the bezel screws to get the new screen. 

Join the bezel by snapping it over the screen. Then, at that point, put the bezel sinks, fixing them with a screwdriver so the screen is held in place.

Wrap up by putting on the elastic covers on the bezel screws so the screws are secure and ensured.


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