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Can Invisible Braces Improve My Dental Health?

Invisible braces have been in popular demand ever since they were released into the market. At first glance, invisible braces may only seem a purely superficial solution, aimed at making your smile better, by arranging the alignment of your teeth using clear trays, instead of the old metallic look of metal braces that are both difficult to install, and are considered unattractive by most people. But besides the visual aesthetics, using invisible braces can greatly improve your dental health. The Wimbledon dentist can offer you invisible braces at a reasonable price, to not just look good, but feel better as well. Dental hygiene and oral health are proven to affect not just physical health, but the mood and confidence of a person as well. Below we’ll go over a few reasons on how invisible braces can improve your dental health.

Your Teeth Alignment Can Cause Friction

That’s right, misshaped teeth usually clash with each other when you bite down, and over time this misalignment leads to abrasions on your teeth. This pressure gradually builds up, causing your teeth to chip or even break in some cases. This doesn’t only occur when you chew food, you can also grind your teeth together in your sleep. But The Wimbledon dentist can design your braces so that once the procedure is completed, your teeth will align perfectly and you can bite down in harmony, not worried about grinding your teeth or accidentally damaging them.

Misaligned teeth are harder to clean

Chewing with a tooth gap can be hard, and we all may have experienced a small piece of food getting stuck in our teeth. You don’t need me to tell you how difficult it is to get a piece of corn out of your teeth gap if you have misaligned teeth. In addition, the Wimbledon dentist can design your braces to help shape your tooth gap to get you the most beautiful smile you can have. A bit of vegetable from lunch stuck between your front teeth has never made anyone’s smile look more attractive unless of course, you are a vegan. By straightening your teeth using invisible braces, you can improve your dental health easily, the Wimbledon dentist will make sure your teeth can last longer and look better. Our goal is to give you the best dental treatment using professional dental equipment and design, ensuring your dental health.

Your Gums Will Improve, and So Will Your Mood

Your gums don’t just hold your teeth; they are one of the more sensitive parts of your body. Maintaining their health is very significant if you care about your dental health because an infected gum can cause tooth decay, make your mouth smell bad, in addition to the pain it brings you. If your teeth are not aligned correctly, the Wimbledon dentist will design your trays to bring them into line, over a period of several months. Otherwise, your teeth could bruise your gums, opening the way for bacteria to reside and replicate in your gums, usually causing swelling and pain in your gums, which leads to a headache and worsens your mood if you do not address the issue quickly.

If your teeth are placed too close together, the resulting gap could be filled up with food debris and feed the dormant bacteria on your gum, which will deteriorate your oral health and cause a bad smell. Gum diseases could lead to more serious health issues if left unchecked, such as damage to your jaw bone. In some cases, the swelling can cause a further shift in your teeth alignment, creating even less desirable patterns of teeth.

Here at the Wimbledon dentist, we will design invisible braces that will protect your gums until the teeth alignment no longer damages or bruises your gums.

Some Dental Health Procedures Are Easier to Perform 

After invisible braces have put your teeth in their proper places with months of pressure, you can have better access to certain dental health procedures, because now your dentist knows the full range of dental issues that you may be experiencing after scanning your mouth and teeth for the design process.

Regular visits to the dentist will create a healthy habit, and the dentist can monitor your teeth to see if any problems have popped up since your visit to the dentist. You can avoid major dental issues this way, and prevent tooth loss, gum diseases, and the unavoidable shifting of your teeth.

Contact The Wimbledon Dentist

Now that you know just how important teeth alignment is, it’s time to call the office and book an appointment to consult a dentist and see what they can do for you to help improve your dental health. Trustworthy Invisible braces are easy to use and don’t affect your everyday life.

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