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How to Approve New Users on Your WordPress Site?

If you want to enable public registration on your site, you’ll most probably want to manually approve new WordPress users before you start letting them use your site. This helps you take action on spammers or eradicate users who shouldn’t be on your site. Hence, in this post, we’ll discuss how to setup WordPress approve new users functionality on your site that includes the following aspects:

  1. Enables you to approve new WordPress users from the WordPress dashboard.
  2. You can also receive admin email notifications for new user sign-ups and approve new WordPress users via clicking on a link in the email that you’ve received.

By combining the above two methods, you’ll be able to simply approve new WordPress user accounts whether you’re working on your computer or not working anymore. WordPress allows you to approve new users via top-notch features and provides various roles and permissions via multiple plugins that allow you to assign them to multiple roles simply.

What is New User Approve Plugin?

New User Approve is a WordPress plugin that automates the user registration process of your website. When a new user registers, their unique identity is created in the website’s database. An email is then sent to the new user that comprises their login credentials.

You need to be as simple as it can be, but it goes to say that there is a wide set of ranges for customization. The users waiting for approval or denied users will not be able to log in to the website. The user’s status can be updated even after an initial approval or denial request. Also, users that have been approved before the activation of New User Approve will be classified as approved users.

Features of New User Approve Plugin?

Some of the features of New User Approve are as follows:

  • Customized your welcome message and displays it to visitors on your website registration or login form.
  • Display Custom Pending Error Message.
  • Display Custom Denied Error Message.
  • Display Customize Complete Registration Message.
  • Updated User Status Email Notification.
  • Admin Email Customization.
  • Approved Status Email.
  • Status Email Denial.
  • Template Tags.

How to Approve New Users via New User Approve Plugin?

  • New User Approve comes equipped with the new update that constitutes a defined and minimalist design with several colors for buttons and toggles that have been used to differentiate the functionalities and features whenever they are active or disabled.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard, Hover to New Users Approve, and Click on Approve New Users.
  • A panel would be visible, which is considered a legacy panel.
  • Legal Panel constitutes almost three tabs.

Pending Users

  • Allows the users to get registered from the registration page will be redirected to the pending user’s section.
  • Enables the Admin who is authenticated to approve them or deny them.


Approved Users:

  • The users who have been approved in the pending users’ section are ultimately shifted to the approved users’ section.
  • Within the approved users’ section, the admin has the privilege to deny any user via just clicking the deny button in the Action column. And the said user will be moved to the denied users section.

Denied Users:

  • Allows the denied users in the pending users, and the approved users’ section is transited to the denied users section.
  • Similarly, in the denied users section, the admin can simply approve any user by clicking the approve button in the Action column. The particular user will be shuffled to the approved users’ section.

Approve New Users Settings Tabs

  • New User Plugin has implemented a new menu, which can be easily accessible by navigating to the Admin Dashboard, and then click on New Users Approve and go to Settings.
  • The above screenshot highlights the 5 tabs in this section

Compatible Plugins

New User Approve is fully compatible and supported by MemberPress, LearnDash, WP-Foro, WooCommerce, and Ultimate Member.


Indeed, New User Approve is a user-friendly and essential plugin that automates the overall process of user registration on your WordPress site. The above-discussed points highlight the core tactics for approving new users on your WordPress site via the new user approve plugin.

For further information, read the technical documentation here.


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