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Effects of School Bullying on Children They Face in Future

Bulling is an ethical issue, and the school administration should control this practice. It harms the whole school community. It affects the students who have been bullied, but it also affects the students who have seen such incidences. School bullying incidence affects the sensitive minds of even brilliant students. Students involved in bullying activities love to see people in problems. So identification and counselling of such students are necessary. By definition, bullying is the intentional act of harming school fellows. In scientific terms, bullying is the systematic abuse of power.

Types of School Bullying

The scientific literature classifies Bulling into three major types.

Direct Bullying

It refers to the periodic bullying of one group of peers on certain students. The kinds of activities in direct bullying are;

Activities in direct bullying

  • Blackmailing
  • Insulting others by calling false names
  • The nasty trick to embarrass a few students
  • Some sorts of physical bullying (beating)

Relational Bullying

Relational bullying is the act of upsetting other students by destroying their healthy relations, such as friendships. In such activities, Bullers often targets the same students over and over again.

Activities in Relational Bullying

  • Threats of getting peers out of their groups
  • Ignoring someone emotionally attached with them
  • Spreading rumours about other students

Cyber Bullying

With the advancement in digital technology, bullying is not only limited to physical means of harassment. The digital means of harassing school fellows has also been common for two decades. Hence, the use of digital means to tease someone else is Cyberbullying.

Activities in Cyberbullying

  • Sending screenshots of messages of one student to other friend circles
  • Spreading pictures of some class-fellows to make fun with friends
  • Posting peers photos after photoshop for making fun

Bullying and conduct disorder

Apart from it, all types of bullying activities have harmful effects on the students’ mental health. But recent studies reported that ‘bullying is not a conducted disorder. It is an ethical issue.’ Bullying is not a problem of the elite class; all societies are suffering from the harmful consequences of bullying. The underlying reason for bullying is that the students want to gain mental satisfaction by bullying someone else. For most students, it is an act of showing dominancy, which is not more than a myth.

Reasons of School Bullying

According to experts of coursework writing services, other reasons for bullying, according to behavioural studies, include;

  • To access someone else belongings
  • To secure survival among student
  • Try to pretend that they are super cool
  • An effort to reduce mental discomfort
  • An effort to attract other pupils

Consequences of Bullies

In most of the studies, scientists monitored the short term consequences of bullies. Hence, the nature of bullies is still unknown. Whether bullies are a cause or an effect of mental health is a controversial issue. Some scientists believe that students suffering from mental disorders find peace in bullying others. While others think the acts of school bullying in early childhood will later result in mental health issues. Hence, this article will address a few consequences that a student may face after being bullied by others.

Social and emotional disturbance 

In many studies, the scientist highlighted the social and emotional effects of bullying in school children. Yet, the students suffering from bullying crises in their childhood often do not feel comfortable making friends. They start living alone. Some other social and economic issues of bullying are;

  • School bullying practices enhances low esteem issues in the students.
  • They often suffer from a wide range of emotions such as;
  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Helplessness
  • Loneliness
  • Such students are more susceptible to drug addiction in later stages of life.

Physical impact

Apart from the physical wounds, such students also suffer from other physical issues. The other physical issues are;

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  •  Ulcer

Bullying students often complain about headaches, stomachaches and backache. Some students turn yellow in terms of skin colour. Apart from all these physical changes, the incidence of heart attack is higher among such students.

Academic Impact

Teamwork and group studies are the most enjoyable things in student life. In addition, peer for peer learning helps students in achieving great learning outcomes. Unfortunately, the bullied students feel fear in such activities. Under this mental stress, such students often forget to do their homework and secure bad remarks from the tutors.

The bullied students often start missing the classes to avoid the bullers. The consecutive absence of studies from class badly affects their grades, which itself is a big problem. But, the good news is that through proper care and counselling, you can reduce school bullying stress in children.

After discussing a few important consequences of Bulling, it’s time to give tips to those parents who want to prepare their child for future bullying that they may face.

Tips for Preparing Child for Future School Bullying Practices

According to behavioural studies reports, about one in every three children suffers from the headache of bullying in their childhood. In most of the case, the bullying lasts for more than 6 months.  Yet, the most common types of bullies among school children are relational and direct bullies. Still, the incidence of cyberbullying is not so high. Hence, this fact shows that bullying destroys life or one-third of children’s lives in school, which is a big ratio. So, the teachers and parents have to play their rules in buffering the effects of bullying. Following are some tips that parents can use to nullify the effect of bullies on their children.  

  • Try to understand the cause of behavioural abnormalities in your child.
  • If you find any behavioural change like sitting silent more than before, try to explore the causes.
  • Before sending the child to school, parents must discuss how to manage bullies.
  • Try to raise your child’s confidence level so that he will be capable enough to handle bullies.

  Try to monitor the academic outcomes of your child regularly. The decrease in academic outcomes is one of the early symptoms in bullying victims.


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