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A Guide to Different Types of Rugs

If you are in a store for new flooring, then rugs are a great option. There is so much variety when it comes to rugs that there is something for everyone. They are essential to any home. Whether it’s for decoration, comfort, or to keep your feet warm during the winter months, rugs are an essential part of interior design. With a huge variety, which one do you choose? There are many different types of rugs. Some common ones are wool, cotton, and sisal. Each rug has its benefits and drawbacks. We have all the useful information you need about different types of rugs below!

Shag Rugs

Shag is the electric style. It is the famous 1920s style edition still standing strong. They are trendy in bedrooms and living rooms due to the softness of their pile, which makes them super comfortable to walk on barefoot, but it also means they can be a bit difficult to clean. Shaggy style best colorful rugs provide an extremely plush texture that is great for warming up your flooring, especially during colder months; however, they may also be more challenging to clean if the rug is not made out of an easy-to-clean material.

Flokati Rugs

Greek Flokatis are known for their luxurious feel and thick hand-woven pile. Flokati-style rugs have a distinctive look that can bring an old-world charm to any room in your home, but they may also be difficult to clean if the rug is not made out of easy-to-clean material such as 100% wool or cotton. They may also have a smell that some people may not like, which can disappear over time. The flokati patterns are trendy these days. They are available in every size, from small area rugs to large ones that can fill up an entire room. The flokati texture is soft and fluffy with long fibers at the top, creating the look of a plush carpet.

Braided Style Rugs

These rugs are mostly made of natural fibers, such as cotton and jute. They can be highly durable due to the heavy-duty braided construction that is used in their manufacture. Braided rugs are also very affordable yet look great throughout various design styles, from traditional to modern. This type of rug will often have fringes on each end that can be seen on the visible side of the braids. It is the perfect rug for every room in the house due to its low pile.

Cotton Rugs

You can find a huge selection of cotton rugs in the marketplace with different weave styles and colors. Cotton is easy to care for because it can be machine-washed in cold water or dry cleaned easily when necessary making them perfect for busy homes where children like to play on the floor all day. It is also dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. Cotton area rugs are both stylish and practical. This rug is very durable, affordable, easy to clean, and available in many colors. They also come with various fringe types depending on your style preference, including tassels, or you can make them yourself if desired.

Velvet Rugs

For adding a slightly softer and more comfortable rug, velvet rugs may be the perfect choice for your home. It has been known to feel like walking on air because of its plush pile, which comes from long fibers found in premium rugs. Velvet designs will come in different colors and styles to match your home decor. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your home. They provide a soft feel under the feet, providing comfort, warmth, and coziness in any room. It is also very durable, long-lasting, making it perfect for high traffic areas such as hallways or even playrooms where kids crawl around on the floor, making spills more common than not!

Flatweave Rugs

These are thin pile rugs made from various materials such as cotton, wool, or even artificial fibers. They have a tight and flat weave to the floor, creating an area of design interest in your room. It can be used independently, placed under furniture pieces, or added with other rugs for more texture. These rugs are certainly an excellent choice for any room in your home! The most common flatweaves are runner rugs and kilims. These are flatwoven rugs with a unique design. The weavers created the patterns and motifs rather than being pre-printed or made from small repeated designs like other rugs.

Tribal Pattern Rugs

These are the most popular rugs. These are flat woven rugs with a simple design. They are made in the tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan and have been used for centuries to cover floors in homes around the world. These rugs are made by hand. They can be used to make a statement in any homeroom, and they work incredibly well under dining tables or coffee tables (for added warmth) or even just for decoration. These rugs are perfect for any home.

Textured Rugs

The next type is the textured rug. These are made in different styles and types of wool or even synthetic materials like sisal, which look very similar to jute rugs. The texture gives it a more rustic feel that can enhance any room’s decorating style. It is also ideal for adding to a room with lots of natural light as it gives the illusion of more space.

Contemporary Style Rugs

These are ideal for those who like understated elegance in their decorating choices; they look very stylish and work perfectly with any décor style, from modern to classic, from country to traditional. You can easily find the perfect pattern and shade for your room or home. They look perfect in light spaces and can also add an element of texture to darker rooms, which makes them very versatile. Contemporary rugs are an excellent choice for the modern home because they’re elegant without being too bold or vibrant in color. They are available from abstract designs to more traditional geometric shapes that will fit perfectly into your home.

Traditional Rugs

These are very popular as they look great with any décor style, whether contemporary or modern; it is also an ideal choice if you have lots of wooden furniture pieces which will bring out the richness of traditional rugs. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes, plus they are very durable, which means that you won’t need to replace them for years; on top of all these benefits, one more thing worth mentioning is their price tag as compared with other types, it’s pretty low.

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to different types of rugs. Now that you know more about carpets, it’s time to find one for your home! If you need help deciding which type is best or where to buy a rug, we’re always here with helpful tips and information. Once again, thanks for reading the RugKnots blog post on the various types of rugs available today!


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