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10 tips to take good photos for Instagram and get followers

Instagram is a visual platform where the aesthetics of photos and videos can make the difference between a successful account and one that is doomed. This is why taking good photos for Instagram has become increasingly important.

Even among the users you follow, for example, you are sure to come across perfect photos and videos. From beautiful landscapes to portraits and incredible selfies that you cannot pass without liking. Achieving these types of photos requires dedication, especially if your goal is to grow your Instagram account. Taking care of the quality of your photos can help you take your account to the next level. Keep in mind that almost 100 million posts are made every day, so standing out is a challenge in itself.


So if you’ve been posting constantly and still haven’t managed to get more Instagram likes, the solution is to improve the quality of your content. The good news is that it is a totally possible goal. Read on to learn some tips to help you get the best photos for your Instagram account.

1. Take care of the focus

The process of taking good photos for Instagram begins to take care of the focus of your shot. Achieving a well-defined image will help you take a step forward in terms of the quality of your content. It is important that in addition to the focus, you take care of the lighting of your photography.

Mobile cameras have some limitations, especially in terms of image magnification and resolution. Try playing with angles and getting closer to your subject to find the perfect place to capture your photo.

2. Use a tripod

Stability is vital when it comes to taking a quality photo. For this you can get a tripod to avoid movement in the photography and deteriorate the quality of your photo.

There are mini tripods that are perfect for phones. These usually have flexible legs that you can adjust to achieve the perfect photo that will help you build a following on Instagram. Another point in favor of tripods is that they make it easy to take good selfies, making monotonous selfies a thing of the past.

3. Don’t use the Instagram camera

A common complaint among Instagram users, despite loving the app, is the low quality the camera offers for capturing good photos. Sure, doing so speeds up the publishing process a bit, but in exchange for the quality of your photos. The first point against the camera is that it cuts your image into a square, limiting the space to create a harmonious composition that is pleasing to your Instagram followers. In addition to this, it does not allow you to zoom.

On the other hand, the camera of your phone allows you to zoom without any problem and gives you a little more freedom in terms of photographic adjustments that can greatly improve your photography and help you create attractive content with which you can get followers of Instagram.

4. Make it square

Instagram has changed a lot since its launch in 2010. Not only did it not support videos for posts, but posts had to be square. In part, Instagram contributed to the popularization of this format.

It is easy to understand the appeal of the square format in photographs. With this you can place the subject in the center of your photo and make it stand out. Play with the 1: 1 ratio the next time you’re taking photos for your Instagram followers.

5. Work on your composition

If you want your photos to show the best angle of your subject, it is crucial that you understand the most basic principles of composition.

Although your subject is the protagonist of your shot, keep in mind that the background and each of the elements that appear in the painting must contribute something. Also, you must play with the lighting, angles and symmetry to convey the correct message to your Instagram followers. The first thing is to choose what or who you want to photograph, and then choose a background.

6. Play with contrast and brightness

Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve the perfect lighting for a photograph. It is normal. The good news is that you can play around with the edit to adjust these details.

You can increase the brightness or contrast of your photo a bit to make your photos much more attractive to your Instagram followers.

7. Improve your editing skills

If you want to grow your account and get more followers on Instagram, it is important that you work on editing your photos to improve their quality.

There are a wide variety of editing tools that will allow you to make advanced photo adjustments. From mobile editing applications to professional editing software. Whether we are talking about editing night photos, making a portrait more attractive or highlighting the colors of a landscape, these types of tools will help you stay one step ahead.

You can also play with different editing settings to create presets according to the reception you get from your Instagram followers.

8. Choose your filters wisely

Since Instagram took over the social media landscape, filters have become an everyday feature for most mobile users. These can make a common photo look beautiful and more attractive to your Instagram followers and generate even more interactions if you use one of the most popular filters on Instagram.

This is much more than an assumption. According to studies, images with filters can be viewed 21% more and are more likely to get comments.

Photos with warm filters usually include a good contrast balance, higher exposure and tend to generate more likes and interactions, so they can be a better alternative than oversaturated photos to connect with your Instagram followers.

9. Be encouraged not to use filters

Although filters were, and still are, one of the most attractive elements of Instagram, it is good to take a break from these from time to time. Keep in mind that many times a photograph is perfect as it is, without the need for an additional filter and it is important to recognize these photographs to offer more natural and spontaneous content to your Instagram followers.

Plus, by putting filters and complex editing aside, you can challenge yourself to get better photos without resorting to these tools.

10. Add text to your images

Adding texts to a photo is an excellent alternative to make it stand out. There are hundreds of applications that will help you find the perfect typeface for your photos. Go to the app market for your device and choose the one that works best for what you want to achieve.

To make your images reach more people you can encourage yourself to buy Instagram followers UK with a real followers service. This will help you increase the exposure and engagement of your posts and get more Instagram followers.

Girl takes selfie with her mobile

These are the basic principles to take good photos for Instagram. Go ahead and experiment to improve your skills and take beautiful photos that will help you get more Instagram followers.


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