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How to Recover Strong After a Business Crisis?

A crisis is not new to the world, and the pandemic era is witness to it.

When it hits the corporate sphere, companies will want to make a quick comeback.

While adequate pre-planning would help evade one, integrating a crisis management strategy into your business plan is critical to business survival.

10 Steps to Recover Quickly from A Business Crisis

Analyze the shifting Customer Behavior

Two broad customer categories-

  • The one who stays home
  • The one who stays out at work

You can collect information about these two broad customer categories and design your customer profile.

For example:

If you run an e-commerce store, keep your inventory full without failure. Nearly every second person shops online. If you are not online, then it is high time to do so.

When a business hits a crisis, recovering quickly is imperative, and hence customer behaviour.  

2)      Establish Authentic Communication

If you have your business all over the headlines after hitting a crisis, it is time to return strong. How will you convince the stakeholders of recovering quickly?

Well, yes, nobody expects perfection after a severe economic blow, but yes, they expect real-time information and open communication.

By taking accountability and walking by their commitments, businesses can emerge stronger.

Don’t keep your clients guessing, be transparent about your objectives. This will help you win back trust and mend the mess.

3)      Re-analyze your budget

Drop-in customers, drop in sales, drop in advertising expenses, and ultimately crisis.

Avoid falling into this trap again. Re-analyse your budget to meet your current business requirements and emergency expenses.

How to promote without going bankrupt?

Apart from this, you can host discounts and giveaways for maximizing customer engagements and SALES.

  • Keeping track of your cash is just not about maintaining your company’s bank balance but needs a forecast that determines a company’s mid-term and long-term financial needs.
  • It will help in determining whether a company needs unsecured loans for meeting crisis losses.
  • It will help analyze how much cash return a company can expect next year.
  • Evaluate capital investment and liabilities.

4)      Source Third-Party Expertise

For a business to recover quickly from a crisis, given the shortage of resources and funds, it is crucial to seek third-party expertise (in case of the absence of in-house expertise)

The team of experts will include a crisis manager, cyber specialist, legal advisors, psychologists, and medical advisors, complying with your organization’s needs.

However, there are no particular recovery timelines. It entirely depends on the sales figures and business statistics.

While resorting to third-party expertise is an option, you can look forward to extending your team by onboarding a team of experts.

5)      Leverage Tools to cut on Redundant tasks

Post a business crisis, brainstorm how efficiently you can work to double-up your revenue goals?

What tools can help you hit your sales goal?


Which processes can you automate to generate more results within less time?

Can you eliminate any work process?

For example: If you want to analyze your website’s performance and create your marketing strategy, head over to Google Analytics. It helps you analyze a website’s performance through a multitude of parameters like page visits, page traffic, most visited page, top searches, keyword your site appeared for in the SERP, etc. Therefore, you will be provided with a comprehensive website performance report, and you will eliminate redundant processes.

In this way, you can determine important tools which could work wonders and trigger sales for your business in a jiffy.

6)      Revise your brand’s story

The story of a brand is the reason a customer invests in a product or a service. You need to have a strong “WHY” behind your business idea.

How are you going to catch the customer’s attention after a crisis?


The Story should align well with the brand’s message.

For example:  Apple wonderfully dispenses its message of the power of innovation, imagination, passion, hopes, aspirations, and power-to-people through technology to its audience.

What’s your brand’s story?

7)      Improve User experience

While you might forget this, an optimized and seamless user experience is one of the ranking factors. Thus, focus on generating an intuitive user experience for the customer to complete the sales funnel effortlessly.

What does a potential customer seek on your site?

  • Intuitive interface
  • Clear contact information
  • Clear contextual links or referral page links
  • Clear and smooth navigation
  • Powerful and working call to actions
  • Filter and “people also buy” suggestion box
  • Easy checkout process

Given this, what other factors do you consider important for improved user experience? Comment.

8)      Chase Quick Wins against big bets

Most CEOs focus on making big bets, i.e., investing funds in fulfilling a massive requirement. Draining all your cash on big wins can be risky; instead, chase quick wins.

 Quick wins help one remain focused while improving the bottom line. It helps in gaining traction. It improved employee trust and motivated them to work harder at achieving targets.

Make a strategy, choose the team, and hit quick wins. It not only improves management but promotes team spirit as well.

9)      Optimize your business for Voice Search

What’s the point of “to be or not to be” when your competitors are leveraging it already?

After a crisis, search for ways that would grant your business an edge over your competitors, and you can do this by optimizing your business with AI, i.e., Voice search!

Optimize your website for Voice Search by:

  • Targeting long-tail keywords having a high search volume
  • Include a FAQ page that answers the most asked queries online
  • Launch a free webinar or step-by-step tutorial for gaining attention
  • Reform structure data to define content parts that are most useful to customers

Voice-enabled searches are the 2022 trend and pick the highest rankings. Thus, it is the right time to make for losses and give competitors a rush for customers!

10)  Learn from the Loss

While it might sound strange, a crisis is an opportunity in disguise to improve your business operations and revise your approach to business crisis management.

Real-life incidents are a real teacher. Identify how the crisis management team improved managed when the stakes were high. Effectively managing funds, loans, customers, and policies comes from experience or a knack for surviving.

So, this is how you can make a comeback from crisis and transform your organization into becoming more resilient towards success.

Amilie Wilson
Amilie wilson is financial consultant at Fortnitemoney for more than 5 years. She has total experience of 10 years in the field of financial management. She deals the borrowers face to face, handle meetings of the company as a senior financial consultant and share her knowledge and experience through the blogs. She writes all about different loan products of Fortnitemoney in detail.

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