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These 10 Asana of yoga will remove the problem of back pain

Do you have problems with your back?

Nowadays the problem of back pain has become common and many people are troubled by it. Back pain starts when standing or sitting for a long time. If it is ignored it can take serious form. As soon as there is a pain in the back, we start turning to doctors and medicines, but it can also be cured through yoga.

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1. Kukkurasana

This is actually a dog-shaped posture. For the back part of the body, this asana makes the muscles strong. This asana also increases the strength of your body. It also helps in giving a natural shape to your body.

2. Pose like a child

This posture, forming a child-like posture, makes your spine strong. This reduces the pressure in the lower part of your body. Many times you get instant relief in the condition of pain with this asana.

3. Make a P shape in English

This posture depends on the ability of your legs and spine to bend. This also helps you to get rid of back pain. This is an extension of the posture forming a dog-like shape by bending down.

4. Lying upside down chest raise

This asana is very important to make the correct posture of the back of your body. Not only does this help you get rid of back pain, but it also helps in repairing the muscles of the ab and lower abdomen.

5. Kneeling down

This asana of knee yoga reduces the pressure from your back. It also makes the posture of your spine correct. Your legs become strong by this asana. If you keep moving back and forth while doing this asana, then your body will continue to be massaged well.

6. L shape leg

This yoga asana helps in relaxing the entire lower back along with your hands and feet. Due to this, there is pressure on your spine and if there is any ligament/knot in the back then it gets rid of it.

7. Dove shape

This pose, which forms a pigeon-like shape, can actually be a bit difficult according to the beginners of yoga. This asana can prove to be very helpful in relieving pain and tension in the back of the body. This asana also really helps in giving a natural shape to your spine.

8. Triangular shape

In this asana, you need to make the body shaped like a triangle. This helps in strengthening the muscles of the back of your body. With this ease, there is stress on your spine, which makes its shape right.

9. Yoga for back pan

When you do this asana, it strengthens the muscles of the back of your body. It is also helpful in reducing the discomfort related to your shoulders and upper body.

10. Eagle pose

If you do this asana in the right way, then the whole back part of your body gets relaxed. In this, you need balance, posture, and strength, all three.

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