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Quirky Ideas to decorate your walls

It’s fairly obvious how important it is to live in a nicely decorated household; the atmosphere of all the people living is guided by their surroundings, wallpapers being a highly uncommon practice in India. It’s very common to see mostly white or pale painted walls that have already been dirtied with oil stains and handprints. People living in leased apartments and rental homes seldom have the luxury to repaint already dirty walls to provide themselves with the mental peace of having a perfectly decorated household. It’s not easy to deny the importance of living surrounded by art that from time to time changes you, motivates you, makes you question your prejudice, and sometimes all of that through the same artwork. We at Vibecrafts believe that every person has the right to perfectly decorated walls and gorgeous household décor with amazing Hall Room Painting. However, that’s why we have created this list of four different ideas that would give the walls of your house a quirky edge in a personalized and modern way.

Creating a memory wall

A memory wall is an epitome of loving your dear ones, so much that you want them to be in your hindsight at all times; having pictures of our friends and family is a great way is showing the love and affection you have for them the pictures would create a place filled with your happy memories and every time you would look at them you will instantly be sent to your happy place it will also remind you of them and to check up on them, it’s not just offering a wall in honor of your loved ones a memory wall is all too easy most of what you’ll require is pictures with your friends and family and a plan on how you want the finished décor to look like, there are several different ways to create a memory wall that you and all the people in them would love, you can use several small pictures either colored, or monochrome put them each at a frame and hang them along with side quotes about friends and family. We can also use a few but rather larger ones and do the same. But placement and sizing are really important while working with large canvasses or portraits. Always remember to maintain symmetry, as it can create a huge difference in displaying the sharp and complete look that the setup will provide.

Theming your room based on a painting Do you have a painting that is of importance to you or some artwork that has been passed on to you as an heirloom? Or have you recently purchased a gorgeous canvas painting from vibecrafts that hangs proudly on a wall at your house? Having such art brings the focus of the entire atmosphere to that sharp finished look that is brought forward by the addition of it. To create an ambiance around it, we will need to find points of contrast and distinct patterns that highlight it then we can subtly add those to our furniture or through ornaments and small objects that represent it or match its hue these details would create a certain aesthetic that would almost feel color graded. However, the important point to remember is to not overdo it; the key is to almost hide it and blend it with its surroundings, so it almost looks natural to a viewer. Although

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