Crowdsourced Logo Design Services For Small Businesses

Your logo is essential to your small business brand. Whether you are rebranding or setting up shop, logo designing is just as important as getting things right on your other business aspects.

However, that does not mean you have an unlimited budget, graphic designer, or even branding agency. With today’s crowdsourcing logo design services, you have many options for a good logo design for small businesses.

What is crowdsourced logo design?

Crowdsourcing is using the internet to get services by approaching an online community.

You post what you need them to do and they put together logo designs related to your description of what you need for the logo of your small business (usually called the brief). You analyze the logo samples, offer feedback, and choose the one that is a good fit for you.

It is necessary to understand that crowdsourcing your logo design is not similar to working with a dedicated agency. Crowdsourcing sites often have a lower cost, which is good for the budget of your marketing, but the quality of designs and designers can be different.

However, the work of a designer is only as good as the direction and information you give them.

Ensure you and your team are set on what you are searching for in the right logo design for small businesses. Be detailed and thorough when writing up your brief. Don’t assume that the designers know your industry or your business.

Be as sure as possible that your brief information is final. Changing mid-process of details can result in delays, a withdrawal of logo design services, and so much frustration all around. The outcome will be a robust design that you can accept and put to work for your business.

Who can use crowdsourced logo design?

Not all business has access to graphic design resources. Online services can help bridge that gap. Crowdsourced logo design services are a right fit for a business, wanting to be an ongoing part of the designing process, from reviewing submitting designs to writing up a design brief and choosing the final winner. The services are also great for someone who feels they need to have many options to consider.

These services, however, are not for everyone. Quality and originality can be different, and you are not significantly working with someone who is dialed into your target market, service area, or industry.

The crowdsourcing logo design process

The crowdsourcing process differs depending on the provider, but your entire process will look something like this:

  1. Select the service category you need, usually logo design, and choose a budget option or price package, along with the timeframe of a project.
  2. Develop your brief related to the information the provider requests.
  3. Post your project-based parameters you have particularized.
  4. Analyze design samples that come from potential designers.
  5. Choose designs that fit your brief and say no to designs that don’t. Offer feedback on designs if designers need to polish the sample.
  6.  Select your winner. Once you choose the final design, the winning designer will get paid, you will receive the files, rights, and copyright transfer based on the service you utilize.
  7. Put your design to work. Your business or industry has the logo it needs.

Building your brief

Your odds of having a successful crowdsourced logo increase with the detail and quality of the design brief you submit. Here are some things to include and remember.

  • What do you want in your logo? This can be your business name, tagline, symbols, acronym, or other attributes that your business considers necessary to its brand.
  • Write out your business details such as industry, background, service area, mission statement, operation size, your long-term, and short-term vision. Who are your competitors? Which businesses do you look to as examples?
  • Discuss your market and industry. Provide any psychographics and demographics on the markets you serve.
  • What are the three qualities of your business that your logo must communicate?
  • Is there a specific style that you are looking for such as text only, image only, or image plus text?
  • Give examples of what you hate or love. Look at your other industry players. What do you dislike or like about their branding? Provide examples of what you dislike or like. This will help designers hit the mark with initial designs, and also help you stand out from the competition, while still remaining in line with your business.

Whether rebranding your operation or launching a business, choosing a logo is not a light-taking task. However, today’s crowdsourcing logo design services give you access to a global talent pool at a reasonable cost.

You have control over the brief of a design. You get to select the designs and designers you want and you have protection to reduce your financial risk. Ensure that you get a design that is suitable for your small business. Write a thorough, detailed brief, and your business will likely get the right design for your needs, budgets, and message.

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